How to install press fitting
Apr 03 , 2020

How to install press fitting

1. Cut pipe: 

Use special cutting equipment to cut pipe vertically according to the construction size. Then

Remove burrs on the cutting surface by utilizing special file or deburring device to make sure

the pipe end and outer surface are smooth, clean and without oil stain.

2. Connect preparation

Make a circle at the end of the pipe by using special scriber. Ensure O sealing ring is fixed in

The correct position before inserting the pipe. And never use lubricant for installation. Pipe should

be inserted into press fitting vertically, so as to avoid pricking the O sealing ring or falling it out.

After inserting the pipe, if the DN is 10-25mm, the pipe marking line should be 3mm away from

the pipe end; if the DN is 32-100mm, the pipe marking line should be 5mm away from the pipe end.

3. Compression connection

Read Carefully the instruction of the compression tool before handling. Let the groove of the

Special compression tool approach the convex part of the fitting closely. Make sure the plier is

perpendicular to the pipe, then start compressing operation. When connecting inner and outer

bread exchange joint, it should tighten the bread and then compress.

4. Test

After compression, use special hexagonal gauge to test the compression connection. If the

compression connection is not proper, use the press tool to compress again, and measure by

hexagonal gauge again.

After the whole pipeline is installed, use water pressure test or gas pressure test to do the

pressure test. The pressure of water pressure test should be 1.5 times larger than working pressure.

And the pressure of gas pressure test should be 1.05 times larger than working pressure.

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