Principle and Structure of Stainless Steel Press Fitting
Apr 03 , 2020
Principle and Structure of Stainless Steel Press Fitting

Compression-type connection technology existed since the end of 50's last century. It has gradually been widely used around the world, and become one of the standard methods of piping connection.

There is a special rubber sealing ring inside the U shape position of the press-fittings. In installation, insert the stainless steel pipe into the bell mouth till it reaches the positioning stage. Use the special compression tool to tighten one side or both sides of the U-slot and U-groove. The rubber sealing ring will work after squeezed. It plays a role in fixed positioning through shrinking and deforming the compression part of fitting and pipe at the same time (section plane formed a hexagonal shape), so that the stainless steel pipe connections can be achieved effectively.

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